TouchTunes Jukeboxes

We provide the latest sound system installations with TouchTunes jukeboxes

Complete sound system installations with the latest from TouchTunes jukeboxes. Providing interactive music and applications along with professionally trained experienced sound installers, speakers, and amps. B.J. Novelty supplies amps, speakers, and wiring to bring superb sound to your venue. Our installers can run off of your rack as well!

TouchTunes is the best music system for your business

Increase Revenue With TouchTunes

Music is the heartbeat of any venue. Great tunes set the mood and this has the ability to drive sales and create a vibe that lengthens dwell time for your customers. TouchTunes supplies a fully licensed music catalog that is easily customized for each location. Each customer or in-house manager has tools available to create playlists from the jukebox or on their mobile device app. Music sets the tone for every environment.

Drive Social Engagement

As technology continues to become more and more influential in today's society, it is important to consider how best you can position yourself with every lifestyle choice and still be able to increase your bottom line. TouchTunes music is an influencer for your brand and enables you to manage music in a simple manner.

Add Your Business Branding

Branding is important in any business because it helps increase customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. When you are an independent restaurant, you want people to see your brand name and understand what your business is all about. The music and playlists on your jukebox will help increase the exposure of your brand while providing a consistent vibe.

Increase customer engagement with a TouchTunes Jukebox

With TouchTunes, you can do more than just watch your drink and food sales increase. You'll also be able to see your customer base grow as they use their app from their phones. Engagement at the jukebox or from a mobile device allows the music in your location to satisfy.

Increase Your Bottom Line with TouchTunes

Increase sales of more than just drinks and food. TouchTunes allows you to promote all of your space. From an outdoor patio to a smoke-free restaurant, the ability to set up zones and accommodate every music need is fulfilled with one machine and one company, TouchTunes and B.J. Novelty.

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