Golden Tee Golf

Build a community and drive traffic with Golden Tee Golf and B.J. Novelty tournaments!

Does your bar or restaurant need another boost to bring more customers into the door? Why not try Golden Tee Golf? Partner with B.J. Novelty to increase your business's revenue with a Golden Tee arcade game. Promote and host Golden Tee contests and tournaments to drive traffic, build community, and increase sales.

Golden Tee — A fun and profitable addition to any bar or restaurant

When you're a bar owner, you know that it's important to keep your customers entertained. One way to do that is by adding a golden tee game to your establishment. Not only will your customers have a blast playing, they'll also be spending money on drinks and snacks while they're at it!

Drive social engagement with a Golden Tee Golf arcade game

Golden Tee is the most popular arcade game in America, and for good reason. Play it once, and you'll instantly see why this game has remained a mainstay at American bars and restaurants since its inception in 1989. The graphics are impressive, the gameplay is addictive, and there's no denying that the Golden Tee Community is welcoming. Golden Tee golf adds interactive and personal enhancements to grow a user base and keep players coming back.

This is why golden tee has remained so popular for years—and why installing one in your bar or restaurant could be just what you need to attract more customers.

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