Arachnid G3 Darts

Arachnid dartboards attract new customers and boost revenue

Why not partner with BJ Novelty to provide your patrons year-round entertainment by adding an Arachnid electronic dartboard? We'll help you select the best electronic board for your establishment, help to determine the perfect placement, and provide you with outstanding service. Plus we can assist in starting league play! Perfect for attracting new customers and generating additional revenue for your business.

Why Arachnid Electronic Dartboards?

Arachnid dartboards are a step above the rest! These electronic dartboards are the newest and most advanced on the market, complete with exciting new features for players. The Galaxy 3 has worldwide online play, player rankings and stats, and a target board that is literally revolutionary. With so many new opportunities for play, this board is sure to be the hit of your league or casual events and

Increase customer loyalty and sales with B.J. Novelty League Play

BJ Novelty darts leagues are a great way for businesses to boost customer loyalty and sales revenue. We provide league play 5 days per week, Sundays through Thursday. Through player participation, customers qualify for the following tournaments and contests: Mid American Dart Association, National Dart Association, Partners Promoting Darts, and Extreme League. Extreme Leagues can be entered into at any time via the PPD website.

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Increase your bottom line

Win more business with B.J. Novelty

We partner with restaurants and bars in the Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Indiana areas to build customer engagement and to increase their bottom line. When you’re ready to experience the “B.J. Novelty Difference” contact us at 800-343-4910 or enter your name and email address below.