The B.J. Novelty Difference

Best Amusement and Vending Company in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area

We have been providing Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Indiana with the best in amusement and entertainment for over 60 years! Our family-owned business has built a strong foundation of trust, communication, and reliability that sets us apart from our competitors. We will maximize your joint interest revenue potential while establishing long-lasting business affiliations. This is what makes B.J. Novelty unique – this is the BJ Novelty Difference!

Built on principles of trust, communication, and reliability

We take pride in building long-lasting relationships with all of our customers. You can always expect fast response times, complete honesty, and integrity! Response time is imperative when it comes to business today - especially as an amusement vending machine owner or operator. We work hard every day so that this level of excellence will be maintained by providing you with superior service and customer support.

We help to maximize revenue potentials while delivering on your expectations

BJN assists all our clients in maximizing revenue potentials while delivering on your expectations. Our goal is to increase the enjoyment of your patrons and it is where we start with each of our ventures. Sometimes that attraction can be community-building contests or games; sometimes it is relevant equipment, such as Golden Tee or TouchTunes Digital Jukebox; and other times it's something as simple as a promotion that can boost both your venue popularity and increase your revenue.

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Increase your bottom line

Win more business with B.J. Novelty

We partner with restaurants and bars in the Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Indiana areas to build customer engagement and to increase their bottom line. When you’re ready to experience the “B.J. Novelty Difference” contact us at 800-343-4910 or enter your name and email address below.