Revenue Share

Create another revenue stream for your business by partnering with B.J. Novelty

We at BJN are looking to build relationships with our clients that last decades and one of the most effective ways is through partnering with us to create another revenue stream while growing your business. We understand that each client has their own set of needs and by offering a shared-revenue model we allow them to grow with us. We invite you to partner with us too!

The best way to keep customers coming back for more

Imagine your pub or restaurant packed on a Tuesday night. B.J. Novelty equipment and entertainment systems can help to provide this concept. B.J. Novelty leagues and promotions funnel new customers into the “Raving Fans” of your venue. The BJN advantage in obtaining and retaining customers by providing our entertainment environment with music, darts, and golden tee golf customization to create community and fun!

Cutting-edge products and promotions

B.J. Novelty has cutting-edge products and promotions that we place in your location at no cost to you! Enhanced music, leagues with promotions to bring players back again and again, keep your customers coming back more often, staying longer, and spending more on food and beverage. This all happens at no cost to you and creates another available revenue stream inside your house!

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Increase your bottom line

Win more business with B.J. Novelty

We partner with restaurants and bars in the Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Indiana areas to build customer engagement and to increase their bottom line. When you’re ready to experience the “B.J. Novelty Difference” contact us at 800-343-4910 or enter your name and email address below.